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Energy consumption analysis 
The analysis of energy consumption concerns all sectors of the industry without exception, and many players are present in this market. We perform this type of service for clients who require very low levels of uncertainty about the results. To do this we use the instrumentation / numerical simulation couplings by neglecting any flow of calories entering and leaving the system.
Audit and calibration of industrial furnaces
Some industrial actors demand excellence in their process and it is not uncommon to have to provide proof of conformity on the heating and regulating device of a treatment furnace. In these cases we perform audit of the furnace and present a detailed report on the instrumentation system used, the uncertainties on the calculations and the conclusions on the conformity of each points indicated in the concerned norm.
Monitoring devices
Systems are provided for monitoring and detecting abnormal temperature levels, particularly on processes involving molten materials. The advantages of these installations are twofold because it avoids shutdowns of installations while optimizing the lifetime of refractory linigs. This type of service can be integrated with the client supervision system, or coupled with a web development service. The advantage of such a coupling is the possibility of applying tailored algorithms for the detection of anomalies as well as a secure online and customized human-machine interface that offers all the possibilities of web technologies.




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