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The instrumentation of on site processes is a foremost activity of our know-how because experimentation remains the most reliable way to obtain reliable information. Our measurement department deals with the instrumentation of all industrial production units involving high temperatures. Our services are:

HT instrumentation

For many years, TRB has been developing a unique know-how in terms of instrumentation of refractory linings. Each system is tailor-made regarding the specificity and the complexity of the site. Our solutions cover the whole chain of measurements: from probe, wiring, processing unit, to the treatment algorithm development and alarms implementation.

Measurements by thermal camera
The cameras used by TRB Eng. provide a full mapping of the temperature range for the refractory structures in particularly extreme environments. The exploitation of the results, on a static or dynamic level, helps providing energy audits that are extremely useful in order to save on consumption.


Scanner 3D

The scanner allows precise as well as fast measuring on any type of part or structure. The superposition of several point clouds edited on different dates gives an accurate estimate of the wear thickness and also the remaining refractory lining. It is possible to determine very quickly the critical areas and optimize the service life of the components.


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