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The Refractory Branch is designer and supplier of refractory solutions for the industry, well-known for performance and reliability of its shaped and unshaped products and high-quality services.



Through its system of management by process, our aim is to improve satisfaction of our customers and all others involved parties. The Refractory Branch focuses its efforts on all internal and external challenges and opportunities respecting those 3 following topics :



1)         Security : a personal and collective commitment to improve working conditions of our employees :



a.    Control, reduce and prevent from identified risks in the unique document.


b.    Implicate the collaborators to get a true culture shared for health and security at job.

c.     Conform to lawful requirements, particularly to the rules of the group CB : 10 commands and HSE Group Policy.



2)         Quality : Quality culture based on Continuous Improvement extended and shared by all the Company in order to highlight our opportunities from our difficulties and be able to :




a.    Satisfy our customers needs and requirements by developing trust-based relationship through performance, liability of our products and associated services.


b.    Keep our internal skills, to develop them outside using our collaborators’ know-how ; to promote the knowledges sharing.

c.     Develop a real partnership with our providers, contractors and all involved parties who will have to share same values in same common purpose of continuous improvement research.

d.    Identify main risks for Company in order to reduce no quality costs.



3)         Environment : a citizen's step respecting lawful requirements and HSE Group Policy



a.    To control, reduce and prevent from risks of pollution identified in the environmental analysis.


b.    To focus on sustainable development : to develop use of recycled materials and use of our by-products.



To meet those requirements, the performances of our processes are checked regularly at the highest level of the firm and allow persistently to improve the efficiency of the system of management and the QHSE performance.


So, in order to reach our common objectives, each of us has a role to play:


·       The Company Direction has the responsibility to promote the policy and to allocate necessary resources for its realization.


·       The Board Members have the responsibility to define rules and good practices and to look after their application.

·       Finally each one of us has the responsibility to apply as well as to adopt good behaviors and to suggest improvements.



Together let us search industrial excellence, let us innovate on new technologies and so let us assure our development to be recognized all over the world : while capitalising on our experiments we will be able to progress and secure everlasting growth of our Company.




                                                                                                                                                            Yves ADAM


                                                                                                                                                       Directeur Général



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