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History and key dates
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Our officies in Nesles

Our officies in Nesles

Our facility in Nesles (France)

Our facility in Nesles (France)

History and key dates

1947 : Founding of TRB to exploit refractory sands, sourced from various quarries in the region.

1960 : TRB develops and makes its first water-free taphole clay, with controlled baking. Thanks to this, TRB becomes leader on a global scale.

1970 : TRB, way ahead of its time, develops and patents the resin-free taphole clays, also called eco-friendly.

1979 and 1981 : BOF Krosaki permit (India) for the gunning process and BF Krosaki permit for refractory castables.

1988 : TRB enters the CB Group

2000 :
Sambre & Dyle becomes TRB BELGIUM 2005 : Founding of TRB CHINA and TRB RUSSIA

2007 : The Pluriel Group joins TRB

2012 :
Founding of TRB Feuerfest GmbH

2013 : Founding of TRB Mexique (Mexico)

2016 : Stake in the capital of a company in China – taphole clay manufacturer

2018 : TRB celebrate its 70 th anniversary

Our Production
For its production, our branch has, in the Boulogne-sur-mer area, significant production capacities such as :

• Manufacturing monolithic (40 000 T) and shaped parts (3 000 T).
• In order to meet the performance requirements of our customers, TRB also implements a truly rigorous system to select its raw materials suppliers as well as regular controls throughout the manufacturing process which helped the company to become one of the first to receive the ISO 9000 V2000 certification.
• In addition, a proven supply chain organization gives our branch the capacity to buy and sell in more than 30 countries on 5 continents.
• We also have a tape hole clay production facility in China with a capacity of 15,000 T/year.

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