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When a material is subject to extreme temperature variations, the evolution of its characteristics at high temperatures is often poorly known because of the difficulty of these tests. The team of TRB engineers constantly relies on the TRB laboratory to provide the exact data missing in the scientific literature. This laboratory located in Nesles in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region has the necessary equipment to test the mechanical characteristics of your materials under hot conditions, to explore their macrostructures before and after thermal stresses, to obtain the phases present using x-ray diffraction, and many other standard simulative testings.

Concerning the tape hole clay, we adapt our products to the machines of our customers using our unique experimental bench in Europe, consisting of a drill machine and a plug machine.

•  Hot crushing strength
• Cold crushing strength / bending
• Heat treatment furnaces
• Rotary furnace
• Corrosion testing
• X-ray diffraction
• X-ray fluorescence




Hot crush system

Plug machine

Drilling bench

Electric furnaces

X-ray fluorescence

X-ray diffraction

Heat treatment furnace

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